David Church

WDBS World Snooker Champion 2017


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(updated - 29/12/2023)

David Church

WDBS World Snooker Champion 2017

WDBS Ranked 2 (Group 4)


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Installing a table at my home in 2019 has been a key factor to the improvement of my game, evidence of this can be seen in the results I am achieving in tournament play. I consistently qualify to the knock-out stages of tournaments and more often than not carry on to contest finals. In addition to these successes I have been invited to compete in the televised 900 Snooker Legends event for the second season, and reached the final of the Group 4 category in the World Abilitysport Games which was held in Thailand, December 2023. However, I aspire to greater things.....I am charged with dedication and determination to continued improvement and progress from second place to the top of the WDBS rankings.

If anyone is interested in sponsoring me, no matter how small, please contact me. 

David Church (Dec 2023)